CPD sites pertinent to paediatrics

Dr Aimee Henderson (GPVTS) says of www.spottingthesickchild.com:

“Spottingthesickchild.com is a useful and easy to navigate online resource which I feel would mostly benefit those who have not had much experience in paediatrics before and who are of a more junior level. The site has a good range of the most common problems in children like abdominal pain and cough, and guides you through various points such as examination and communication. It has useful links to BTS and NICE guidelines.  I like the fact that you can monitor your progress in percentage of the site covered. There is also a test you can take (and certificate to print) when you feel you have looked through everything. The only downside is you need to make sure you are somewhere quiet as it is mostly video/audio heavy and you will need to be able to hear it.”


Dr Khalika Hasrat (GPVTS) says of the e-lfh safeguarding modules:

“I found the content of both modules useful, although module 2 was a little repetitive of the issues already raised in module 1. It was a good revision tool and the pictures helped emphasise the warning signs of abuse. The only criticism was that the MCQs were not always worded very clearly, but otherwise a valuable tool.”

Please do leave any other comments on these 2 sites below and especially if you have had a look at the Healthy child module in e-LFH.

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