ED version of Paediatric Pearls for March 2011

The March 2011 version is now published.  I have covered the new NICE guideline on food allergy and provided a link to the Allergy Academy which runs some really excellent course on all aspects of allergy in children, including one specifically for ED physicians.   There’s a bit on how to get foreign bodies out of noses and a text box on the paediatric early warning system or PEWS.  I have reminded you all that children under 18 months with a fracture need to be seen by a paediatrician before discharge for a safeguarding assessment.  This guideline comes from a new document put together by the NSPCC and the Welsh Child Protection group.  The pamphlet, downloadable here, describes when to suspect physical abuse in children with fractures and is useful reading for all ED practitioners.  Do leave comments below.

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