The NICE guidelines on Nocturnal Enuresis were published in October and are featured in November’s Paediatric Pearls.  Download them from http://guidance.nice.org.uk/CG111.  In Waltham Forest, as in many other boroughs, the enuresis service is run by the school nurses.  Their referral form can be downloaded here.  They are a busy team and the child may not be seen for 2 or 3 months so what can you do as their GP in the meantime?  Certainly refer them to www.eric.org.uk for a wealth of information and support, find out what and when they are drinking and their voiding habits, discuss some of the lifestyle changes mentioned in the NICE guideline and then follow NICE’s algorithms in the quick reference guide.

Paul Watson, team leader for health visiting and school nurse teams in Norfolk, has put together a great programme to guide potential referrers through the process.  Have a look here.  Some of the linked documents are only pertinent to Northamptonshire (why not Norfolk?) but the tool is built on the 2010 NICE guideline and is relevant to all health professionals managing a child who wets the bed at night and those wishing to refer a child on to an enuresis service.

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