June 2018 PDF published

June 2018 features include the rotavirus immunisation, febrile myoclonus, investigating normochromic anaemia, complications of sinusitis and the first in our adolescence series.  Please do leave comments below:

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  1. In relation to the ‘Adolescence’ section of this month’s Paediatric Pearls I found the below article interesting. WHO defines 10-19 as adolescence and 10-24 as young people. Child psychologists in the UK are being given a new directive increasing the age they work with from 0-18 to 0-25.

    There are lots of theories behind the reasoning for the requirement of this change. Notably brain and hormonal development continue into our 20s but changing societal norms could also have a part to play in maturation. For example, less 18 year olds go straight to work and are financially independent than previous decades with the majority continuing their educations for example at university. Do these altered responsibilities delay growing up?

    Read below for more details:

  2. With regards to febrile myoclonus – if we saw this in GP and we were confident in the diagnosis and the child was otherwise stable, would you suggest referral to hospital still?

    1. I can’t answer that with a “yes” or “no”. It doesn’t need further investigation however it is very dramatic and can go on for a long time. In hospital we can watch and wait. Not all GPs have that sort of facility. Would the family cope at home with the child moving like the one in the video for half an hour? GPs in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland will have different referral practices to those round the corner from a paediatric emergency department in London or Manchester. If it was my own child I might just about cope at home but I don’t think my non-medical husband would and I certainly wouldn’t blame any GP for sending a child with febrile myoclonus in to secondary care.

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