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Give me your ideas for new pearls. Anything welcome, within reason! Leave a comment below.
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6 thoughts on “Request for ideas

  1. Dear Julia

    This website is fantastic, and having just started teaching medical students child health in the community, I will be directing them all to it.

    A side note-did you work in neonatology at the Royal London in 2007-8? I think you might have been my registrar and I still remember how you allowed me to intubate a premature neonate on my own, watching from close by. It was a great example of experiential teaching and gave me so much confidence.

    Anyway, great blog- please could you add me to your mailing list?

    Best wishes

    Anjali (now a GP in Barnet)

    1. Thanks for your comment, Anjali. Yes I was a neonatal registrar at RLH at that time – haven’t moved very far! Good luck with the medical students.

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