September 2013 round-up

The newsletter this month is mainly a round-up of past posts which have been quite useful for ED doctors and GPs.  It’s quite hard finding your way around Paediatric Pearls when you first start using it so I hope the articles linked to from this month’s newsletter start you off and give you a flavour of the sort of thing you can find on this website.  Thanks to Dr Tom Waterfield who was once a paediatric trainee with us at Whipps and who has now taken over the “From the literature” slot to keep us all up to date with recent relevant publications.

PEWS is not a national score but the idea is worth thinking about nationally.  We use it to try to identify the children who are at most risk of becoming more unwell so that measures can be put in place to reverse this trajectory.  Remember though, a low PEWS does not necessarily mean the child is safe either.  Children need frequent observations when they are in an acute area and staffing levels need to be appropriate to support this.

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