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Viral rashes

You know when you are not quite sure what the name is of the rash that a child has but you know it is not an acute emergency? I often wish I had done Latin “A” level and could come up with something credible sounding on the spur of the moment. I sent yet another “viral exanthem” child to my dermatology colleagues yesterday because I hesitated for a second too long over a possible diagnosis and lost the confidence of the parent. So today I have been educating myself. Take a look at www.dermnetnz.org for some fantastic images and information on more types of enteroviruses than you could possibly imagine existed.  The site also has some self-directed learning modules on it.

There’s another site worth looking at, aimed at non-health professionals but with some quite useful photos on.  Have a look at http://www.skinsite.com/index_dermatology_diseases.htm.