Wrist injuries

Episode 4 and 5 of Jess Spedding’s minor injuries series are on the wrist.

Like in adults, the wrist is a very common location for injury. As an impulse to falling we stretch out our hands and arms to protect our head and torso, and hence the acronym FOOSH – fall on the outstretched hand, that you may come across in orthopaedic and Emergency Department documentation. The wrist is the most common upper limb fracture in adults, and is most common in children along with the supracondylar (see episode 2 of this series in December 2012 / January 2013). Whilst the supracondylar occurs in the 4-8y age group, wrist fractures which are typically distal radius fractures, can occur
at any age.  Read more….

Episode 5 is on another wrist injury and one that must not be missed – scaphoid fractures.  Read more….

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