Paediatric Pearls for February 2012

Click here for this month’s PDF digest!  It ‘s quite hard providing a balance of information for GPs and ED juniors now that I am only doing the one newsletter.  I think we’ve succeeded this month with neurodevelopmental milestones in Down’s syndrome and essential tremor aimed mainly at GPs and pulled elbow, anaphylaxis and the FEAST study aimed more towards the emergency medicine practitioners.  Many thanks to my colleagues who have contributed this month.  The FEAST video makes fascinating and inspiring watching for any health professional, regardless of specialty.  Do leave comments, questions, suggestions!

3 thoughts on “Paediatric Pearls for February 2012

  1. There is a WETFAG app on iTunes AppStore. I use the wetfag-mnemonic every day, so I like it. Has anyone else used it, do you find it useful? Do you know of any good other apps.

    1. Thanks for this Daniel. Is it up to date with the 3 different equations for weight estimation as per version 5.0 of the APLS manual? I always use WETFAG though don’t object to putting an “L” after the “F” for either Lorazepam or FLuids. I was instructing recently on an APLS course and the ALSG seem to have withdrawn their request for us to stop using it due to a popular uprising! I have an ex-colleague who is now an A and E consultant in Devon who was a great one for apps so I’ll see if she can advise you of any other good ones. I started to write one for fluid calculations in burns cases but I think someone got there before me. Thanks for your interest in the site.

  2. Hi Julia!

    I mailed and asked them. The weight estimation is based on growth charts, not calculated by any formula. It seems they also have a WETFLAG app which is based on the same idea. Here the L is for Lorazepam-dose and also Diazepam-dose (not in the mnemonic) is calculated.


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